We`re Twin Lab Studio


In every project we find the solution that merges our vision with our clients expertise to bring to life objects that are beautiful, functional, progressive, and economically viable.

We like to think we have no limits, We know we can fly with our minds and work with every essence, technology and shape .


Our goal is to deliver engaging visuals that sell. Best luxury, simplicity, or elegance , we craft your message to strike a unique emotional note with your clients.


The creative and artisan talents allow us to go over the standard and to bend the limits of matter,

personalizing to the extreme every element, finishing and composition.

Our projects adapt and conquer the space

The proposals on the catalog become only examples  to start imagining to create something really unique and inimitable.


Twin lab a Egypt based Engineering Consultant Company that has made a new entry in the Egypt market.

Our company specializes in (3D Visualization) and animation Movies, we also provide Design service for our clients with working drawings, (as of now). We intend to expand further into Real Estate Media industry Market.

After good experience in different types of projects in Arab Gulf States, such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE and Oman we have now decided to extend our work in Egypt too.

The team of engineers and Designers at our firm are the best in their way, and we promise to provide to our esteemed clients timely service, high quality and lowest cost in market.

Photoshop & Light room
3D Studio Max

Our Team

Amir Sayed Mohamed

Amir Sayed Mohamed

Co-Founder & CEO

Chief Executive Officer

Shady Sayed Mohamed

Shady Sayed Mohamed

Co-Founder & Art Director

Chief Designer - Head of design department

Amira Nour

Amira Nour

Design Development Manager

Developing in-depth understanding of project scope and particulars.

"Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away."


Our Work

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Architecture Design

Architecture Design

An idea that takes the parts of a structure and turns them into a whole system. This is done with objectives and limitations. Refer to behavioral design.

Interior Design

Interior Design

interior design is the art and science of enhancing the interior of a building to achieve a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing environment for the people using the space.



With realistic 3D visualizations, graphic, and animation, you can create a comprehensive simulation of the building or product in a manner as it would appear in real-time. This is conducted during the design phase, which makes it easier for you to have a better understanding of every floor, critical areas, landscape, textures, elevations. Moreover, you can identify the flaws and issues in designing and rectify the same immediately before it is being implemented. It serves as a powerful marketing tool, where spectacular realistic 3D visualizations and animation enhance the project’s style and curb appeal when displayed in high-resolution hoardings and billboards for advertisement. Moreover,

3d Animation

3d Animation

3D animation and visualization can be used in generating a stunning, compelling view of the project that can be highlighted across multiple media such as website or television. It attracts the interest of buyers with high quality, three dimensional display of the project before it is being constructed.

Working Drawings

Working Drawings

Working drawings provide dimensioned, graphical information that can be used; by a contractor to construct the works, or by suppliers to fabricate components of the works or to assemble or install components. They may include architectural drawings, structural drawings, civil drawings, mechanical drawings, electrical drawings, and so on.

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